Hi, I am Alessandro Merletti De Palo, film director and researcher in cooperation science.

As a film director, I co-founded with Giovanni Caloro Amarena Pictures, a video production company born as a service for our directions in 2010.

I co-founded with Ilario Tito and some other girls and guys Cooperacy, a research organization about Cooperation Science, with the purpose of co-creating a social ecosystem based on proportional distribution of activities, profits and governance, something close to a "social liberism".
I support complex organizations coordination, analyse their level of cooperation, hold conferences and workshops about Cooperation Science.
I have been diagnosed in 2021 to be in the Autism spectrum, level 1 "Asperger", although with no apparent disability and with high level of empathy. Another test I had told me in fact I am also a "high sensitive", HSP-E person. I was sixteen years old when I entered Mensa, now I am no longer member of the association. My "Jungian" personality is instead ENFJ-ENFP-A.

No test can really tell us who we are. Nevetheless, they can give out some hints about ourselves.
Now that you have some strange hints about me, feel free to write me, you should be able to find my name in many social networks.
If you are Italian, you may want to read my poems
Hoping you found good informations, I wish you a pleasant and happy day.