Hi, I am Alessandro Merletti De Palo, film director and researcher in cooperation science.
I co-founded with Giovanni Caloro Amarena Pictures, a video production company born as a service for our directions in 2010.
I co-founded with Ilario Tito and some other girls and guys Cooperacy, a research organization about Cooperation Science, with the purpose of experimenting my preliminary scientific model of human cooperation within real world applications and social systems.
The model is based on game theory, genetics, neuroscience, linguistics and complex systems and is currently able to support organizations coordination, measure their level of cooperation and suggest interventions.
Joining my experience in filming and science I wrote and directed together with Giovanni Caloro a documentary, "Why Me", featuring Nobel Prize Elizabeth Blackburn, about how much human lives are pre-determined by our DNA. It's currently available in Italy, US, UK, AUS and NZ on Amazon Prime Video.
If you are curious, you can also have a look at my tales.
Hoping you found good informations, I wish you a pleasant and happy day.