Half a quarter

This night is dark
it's pitch black
it is no color

tonight I definitely lost
I am a last Rothko

oh and I saw the sun
not even a ray
maybe a quarter
just half a quarter ray probably
hardly touching my lips,
it kissed me

now the walking
must be done

a single living
just one life
for that brief
almost untouchable
invisible moment
hidden in the huge arc
of a lifetime

now the walking
must be done

I once bet and started this life
with the given dream
I could be there
in a sunny day

I once bet and started this life
to catch that half a quarter
I bet, and I got it
and nothing more

only the walking in the dark
is left

nothing else
nothing much
and just to hail life
and give my respects to it
my desire is to humbly walk
in complete darkness
till the end of it

I will be accompained by visions

maybe, exhausted, I'll fall again
yes you heard it, I'll fall again
and I'll fall asleep, too
alas, I will dream
dream hard
of an entire ray,
or an entire sun, even!

Then I will woke up into this neverending
and find out
it's just
cold, lone
and black.

My only greatness
will be
a remedy of some sort
my sound respect
my abnegation
to Life.

Aye, I will walk
with dignity
till the end of night.